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Ralf the Gordon Setter

Ralf our Gordon SetterRalf is our Gordon Setter. 

These pages are designed to update you with Ralf's details and to inform you of his progress with his venture of showing.

Visit this page often for new information about his recent achievements or click here to view his recently updated Results Pages!

Ralf's Pedigree

Ralf's Pedigree

Registered Kennel Club Name - Ordett Dalmore
DOB - 1st February 2007
Breeder - Mrs Yvonne Slaughter
Sire - Caballus Ebonie Adonis Ludstar SH CH IT CH
Dam - Roydack my Mystral at Ordett

BVA/HD 17:15 Total 32
Carrier of PRA (rcd4 mutation)

Results History

Ralf has been showing since November 2007 when he achieved 4th in Puppy Dog and 2nd in Junior Dog at the Pointer and Setter Championship Show.

This entitled Ralf to enter Crufts in March 2008 where he managed a very credible 3rd in Special Puppy Dog and was VHC in Special Junior Dog.

A full list of Ralf's success can be viewed on his "Results Page" by clicking here.


Ralf in Cornwall Ralf in Cornwall


Gordon Setters

History suggests the existence of black and tan setters as far back as the 16th century in Scotland and England.

The Duke of Gordon is credited with establishing the breed with its present characteristics in the 1820’s.

Gordons were initially bred as bird dogs, for hunting birds like pheasant and quail.  Although the hunting instinct remains strong in the breed, Gordons are equally at home as companion dogs, obedience and agility competitors, and show dogs.

Gordon Setters are alert and lively, pleasant and exceedingly loyal.  They tend to be devoted to members of their household, but are not overly friendly to strangers.  As a general rule, Gordons tend to tolerate attention from people they do not know rather than seeking such attention.

Gordons are capable of adapting to a variety of living situations, as long as they are assured of the love of their masters.  They do, however, need plenty of daily exercise to maintain peak physical and mental condition.